Mel dreamed by Melissa

- Ultra feminine

- Candy colours

- Ecological fashion

- Value for money

- Brazilian shoes

... just some of the characteristics that help to create our beloved jelly shoe label mel.

In 2004, the iconic Brazilian shoe brand Melissa was introduced to the Australian market and the plastic shoe revolution began. Following from the success of Melissa Shoes, we are excited to introduce Melissa's little sister mel.

Just like Melissa shoes, mel shoes are made from Melflex, an eco-friendly plastic material that can easily be disassembled and recycled. In actual fact, Melflex is 100% recyclable and unlike other plastic it is a soft and flexible material that provides comfort, protection, and durability. This is what separates mel Shoes from any other jelly shoes, all at an extremely purse friendly price.

And because mel shoes are made by Melissa, they are superior in quality and offer a modern design. What's more, mel's wonderful range of plastic shoes are designed to fit any occasion and turn every outfit into a treat.